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Little Cic & Vee

Why Linen is best for your little ones:

Linen is temperature-regulating. Whether a hot  summer night or cold winter morning, linen will have your baby sleeping like, well a baby. It regulates the skin-air heat exchange like no other fabric.  

Linen is hypo-allergenic. Due to its remarkable (dare we say magical?) properties, linen sheets are a perfect option for little ones with skin disorders or sensitivities, and creates a lovely, healthy microclimate for the skin.

100% natural flax linen, biodegradable and recyclable. 

Linen is heavenly to sleep in. Beautifully soft, breathable and highly absorbent material. Linen is stronger than cotton and softens the more it is used and washed. If cared for correctly it will last a generation. Our linen has been stonewashed, which increases softness and flexibility of the fabric. 

 Linen looks better un-ironed.  I think this point sells itself 

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